Naturally any visit to Spain includes castles, damsels in distress and plenty of wine. Check and see if I have fulfilled this quest.

Spain still excites me as much today as it did when I came here almost 40 years ago. During that time I have written as many praises about Spain as I have penned exasperated criticisms. Living in Spain is “Sol y Sombra” – “Sun or Shade” -- but never boring. The fact that I continue to put up with it-- speaks for itself.

Some of the many articles that I have written are more stories than photo exposes as I had never even fantasized that such a thing as the internet would come into my life. Hence the Black and white foto of my artist friend Eloy sat in his cave in Guadix, Granada with one of his paintings behind him.

Much of my better photography is black and white (Spain suits itself much to that medium) but is not digital. Shooting color negative film for twenty years also means that I have plenty of work ahead to transpose years of observations into a digital format for display.

Watch this site closely as it metamorphosis’s into something very special.


If you want to glean some insights about living here-- jump over to the article section and have a peek.


In the next few months I will be adding fotos of all the major Spanish cities and their particular attractions.


But, for the moment have a look at a few photographs that I hope will interest you. Come on through, the door is open.



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