When I came to Mojacar I didn´t know of anyone with a car, let alone an airplane. Besides, the landscape was terribly uninteresting anyway. Rutted mountain sides and potholed roads. Very little to look at.

The earliest fotos taken were from out to sea and a few infrequent flights with a friend from Murcia who let me shoot from his plane.










My how we have changed things. I bought some land BACK from a famous English construction company whose engineers just couldn’t figure out how to develop it.









Trained specialist couldn’t calculate how to cut the roads, nor bulldoze the platforms for the houses. There is a trick. Get on a donkey and he will always walk the lowest gradient going up the hill, follow him with someone marking the route with a chalk line and he is followed by a friendly D-9 CAT (Caterpillar) that cuts the road.





In those days no one insisted that we asphalt the roads, but we did anyway, along with planting plenty of trees, curb stone and wash out areas to cope with the rainfall.

Lots of changes have been made, some not always for the better.








Have a look at the aerial fotos and take your pick. Son Luke shot the entire playa (beach from Villaricos to Las Macenas) last year if you want one of your house or development. I have also included lots of old favourites.






Sadly I have not yet had time to process and transpose digitally some twenty years of color negative film. That will make this site most exciting in years to come.









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