I would think that the blind singer Ray Charles could have gone to Venice, been handed a camera, pointed it, shot and come away with terrific rolls of film.

Every CANAL and corner of that marvellous place is something special.







Even if you don’t like what you see.






Real Adventure photography is totally different than pretty tourist snaps as in ADVENTURE photos you ALWAYS NEED a story to explain the situation.

I have always personally NEEDED to find SPECIAL places where STARTLING events have happened that changed the world forever.

An empty battlefield will do or EVEN a trip to El Progreso in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula where the meteorite exploded that destroyed the dinosaurs on this planet. It might be a tourist resort today, but something momentous happened right there.

OR you might want to start deep in the Amazon rain forest where I read about a little girl being grabbed by an anaconda and taken away.

Upon pursuing one adventure it might lead into others. Not a lot of tourists go to the Madrid de Dios River in Peru, but it is here that Paititi is suppose to be located, the twin town of Cuzco supposedly built by the fleeing Inkas to re-establish their dominion deep in the jungle. While on one of those searches you couldn’t help but hearing about the indigenous white tribes who likewise thrive in the same Green Hell.


PLACES like Paracas Bay still excite because of the famed and mysterious “Candelabria.” A full 150 meters high and 100 meters wide carved on a sandy hill in Peru where it NEVER rains nor do the winds blow. It was “discovered” or first written about by the conquering Spaniards when they got to the area in 1538. What is it? who formed it? for what purpose?

This carved head shouldn’t bother you until I tell you that it is NOT from Africa but found near the East coast of Mexico.

There are only 17 of them and they all have the obviously Negroid characteristics but are referred to

As indigenous natives “ jaguar men” by the anthropologists.


I just came back from Egypt. I didn’t go SPECIFICALLY to see the pyramids nor the Sphinx but to stand like a man in the Temple of Siwa in the desert where Alexander the Great stood just 2240 years ago.

The priests shouted his name and he had himself proclaimed A GOD. A nearby sales girl called me—and I bought some gum.

Engineers still haven’t figured out how the Great Pyramids of Giza were built and they have NEVER found any burials in them. But, this pyramid of Palenque, Mexico, that the first Catholic priest in the area wrote about in 1675 credited the first founders of the site as being from Jerusalem.

While excavating in 1957 a king was unearthed deep below the floor of the main temple.

What happened to the Inka’s gold. Pizarro had already amassed one full room of it yet many other trains of llamas were still on the way to him. Pizarro worried about an uprising, held a quick trial and had the Inka garrotted.

Tales say the gold and silver was dumped into a lake and all the carriers killed to leave no witnesses.

America’s best scholars were writing back in 1865 that Chinese boats settled in Mexico prehistorically. Now plenty of new books are being released saying the same thing. Meeting with an old Mexican relic collector he showed me some pieces that he had pulled from burial mounds where the hi-way people were putting in roads. This is what I saw:

Take a closer look.

Believe me, your heart skips and beat and your mind spins. You are so dazzled -- for moments you can´t speak.








Before American History began, before Columbus, (No, not BC) the Mayans were excellent record keepers. About the time of Christ they put into play and mathematical calculations “ 0 “ which enabled infinite computations to take place. Their calendar was just tenths of a second off our latest atomic versions. Yet, on December 21st, 2013 is the last day of their present era. The world stops! Here is one of the two stella that predicts the event located deep in the jungle in Coba, Yucatan.

Did you mention the riddle of the Sphinx? It’s solved! Read on.






Why does the sun shine on the pharaoh Ramses’ face on every February 22? Because the Egyptians knew the world was round and placed the statue facing that way having calculated the angles.

But was Egypt really the “Mother culture”? Even before the Egyptians had made their calculations the Brits around Stonehenge had already figured out astronomical alignments of the sun and moon some 4500 years ago.




The Mayans could do the same at Dzibilchaltun

The more you travelled Peru the quicker you learned that each region had distinct dress styles. Then I read that one of the Spanish Kings had ordered the Indians to wear different headgear so they could be distinguished more easily.

Inka Peru remains an enigma.

No one knows where the treasures went or even how they built such massive fortified structures. Some told stories of flutes and acoustic sounds being able to raise the stones.

Others insisted that a special liquid from a jungle tree allowed the stones to be moulded like clay.

Here is a stone with 13 different corners.Yet it lies as natural as God wanted it there.

The Inkas lived with nature. They could make the water run uphill or control the speed of the water from a gushing mountain downhill stream.

The more you travelled one could witness their wonders of construction. High up in the Andes even colors have a dramatic effect.

As I sat breathless at such high altitudes clutching my head BETWEEN my hands and trying to keep from falling over a young girl came up to me and handed me a plant. I was told to chew it a bit and then sniff it. They called it muño and it immediately relieved my sorroche (altitude sickness).


I almost bought the Llama too.




In the coming weeks I will be adding many more fotos and stories. Come along with me for a few authentic adventures, not like seeing how long you can hold a burning match. Real trips into the jungle, or high Andes, deserts of Egypt or caves of Ecuador, snake stories too!



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